Everything has changed.

Hey there.
I dont know how to start, But I am writing this blog after a long time. I want to share many thing with you people but I just dont know how. Lets start with the recent activities which is keeping me busy lately.

Well, I just joined my old school again, where have I spent 10 years of my life yet memorable years, years that I cannot forget even If I try not to recall it, some memories will always appear in mind. But now, Everything is changed for me, as I go back there as a Teacher, instead of a student. All the fun I have done there with my friends keeps replaying in my head as I walks through the same corridors and classes everyday, and I cant stop myself from being nostalgic.

And as now I have the responsibilities of many things, I am realizing how my teacher would have felt, That little disturbance in the class just to poke fun at fellow students or teacher. How my teacher would have felt when punishing us, or stopping us from the stupid things. But at the same moment I am understanding what my students are thinking about me or feeling about the things I have been telling them and on the same things we have done.

For me Everything has changed. Thats what life is about, A change.


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