Woke up today with a question in my mind, What its like to have a perfect day? Does this “Perfect” exists? What its like to be perfect? What its like to have a satisfaction of perfection at the end of the day? Started my day in search for A single day of perfection. Isolated myself from people to conserve my day not to have something that might ruin the “Perfect Day”, I thought isolation can help me, Did everything to save myself from anything that could make me vulnerable, instead I got stuck in Limbo of emptiness, the reign of loneliness, by then I realized a fact of life, the actuality of “perfection”, its just a state of mind, a state of mind that can make you turn your worst days into one of those you cant forget. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Guzra Saal.

Koi haar gaya koi jeet gaya,
Yeh saal bhi aakhir beet gaya.

Koi reh gaya koi chala gaya,
Kabhi yeh waqt bhi saath chor gaya.

Kabhi khushiyon ka sooraj dhaltay dekha,
Kabhi gham ko hamne doobte dekha.

Kuch humne khud ko samait lia,
Kuch waqt humko jor gaya.

Kuch khuwahishain dil main reh gayen,
Kuch lafz zuban say niklay naheen,
Har aas hoti naheen poori, beeta pal yeh humko sikha gaya.


Let’s not forget its not any bullet or anything that is killing humans, its the human killing each other, Ripping whatsoever left of ‘Humanity’ piece by piece. I’ve seen animal fighting for other species, saving them and protecting them. But we humans, who knows everything, who have knowledge, sense, mind but yet trying to finish each other.

This shadow of yours

In this shadow of yours,
I have seen a whole world of mine.

In this shadow of yours,
There is some never ending light,

In this shadow of yours,
Heaven is what I find,

In this shadow of yours,
There are myths I want to solve.

In this shadow of yours,
I find safest place of all.

In this shadow of yours,
time slows down, when we meet.

This shadow of yours,
Is what makes my shadow complete.

Conflict of interest.

He wanted magic to happen.
She believed in reality.

He wanted to be lighten up.
she liked dark places.

He needed her to breathe.
She needed space more.

He wanted to die in her arms.
She wanted to live free.

He desired to lay low.
She had to fly high.

He hoped to be together.
She had to abandon him.