Everyone in this world, faces the life differently, sees it uniquely. You can never have the same feeling as some other person in the same situation.

At the same time, At the same moment, or at the same place, Everyone is having different time of their lives. people you meet in your daily life, a stranger, your bus driver, or even your next-door-neighbor, they are experiencing many things and you deal with them, your attitude towards them is according to their behavior in that situation. So if you have known about their feelings, their problems, or if you see the life according to their point of view, according to their perspective, How would you treat them? Would you treat them differently?

I’ve seen..


Sadly, I’ve seen people hurting each like if they arent going to be emotionally attached to someone. I’ve seen human killing another human being like if they aren’t going to die. I’ve seen people throwing away their babies like they are just bread crumbs, not living breathing living being. I’ve seen human looting others like they are going to love forever here, in this mortal world. I’ve seen beating heart turned into a piece of stone. I’ve seen human turned in to animal. I’ve seen monsters. I’ve seen monsters wearing human skin.





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It all started when he’d read the one poem she’d written. That was all it had taken for him to fall for her.

She came to the café for as long as he could remember. She’d get her cappuccino – two shots of espresso and extra foam on the top – and she’d sit down to write. He simply came to get his latte and then would leave. The strange thing was that she was there everyday around the time he was there, just writing away in her notebook paying no attention to her surroundings. One day he noticed her and his curiosity sparked. This was when he began to sit in the café as well everyday, two tables away from her. He studied her, the slant of her hand as she wrote, the eyes and her gaze that would follow the words she had penned. His curiosity increased and…

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A birthday wish.


Last night I forgot to wish my sister, it’s her birthday. When I saw a notification on my Facebook account, she was in a deep sleep, so I texted her, posted a wish on her wall (Facebook one), whatsapped her a cute birthday picture. She did the same thing, replied me on every thing. But didn’t wished her in person.

I guess that sums up how much confident and social we are.

19th February 2014 – 9:49 pm


Don’t you all feel like running away from the daily routine sometimes? Going far away and never coming back, can’t keep your head straight for no reason, can’t do anything properly. Even in your some favorite things you feel like fed up of those things? Talking to nobody, doing nothing except sitting and staring, and watching everything passes by you, and finding that your heart is feeling calm and good by doing it? Well, I’m having those days. And I don’t know why.